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My First EVE Narrative

Hi everyone! A while back, I was getting all hot and bothered over the story of B-R5RB and a couple other cool things that had been going down in the big CFC-N3PL war. I was struck by how awesome the narrative was, and some vile tempters on /r/EVE encouraged me to find a buddy to invite me, and now here I am.

On to the story!

I had been peaceably doing career starter missions for a few days when I finally got enough money and skill to pilot and fit a Destroyer. I was ecstatic! I had no idea how big of an upgrade it would be, but nevermind that, a new ship! I chose the Algos because it's cooler looking than the Catalyst.

To actually construct and fit my Algos took probably two and a half hours, not the least bit because I had to go gallivanting across all of Gallente space just to find the right parts and ammunition. After acquiring my set of drones (I chose the medium scout drone, Hammerhead I), I was on my way back to fly military missions in my shiny new ship, the Backward Dragon.

In Algogille, the last system before I made it to my missions, I encountered something new and unfamiliar. A skull icon, just outside the gate! I cancelled autopilot, stopped my ship, and locked on to see what he was and why he was a skull. It was the Notorious Gankster Redd Spade! (Okay, that's embellished a little, I'm not sure he's anyone famous) He appeared to be engaged in combat with some dude whose name I forget (Glennis something?). I locked him as well to see how the battle was going.

MMO Search 2014: Looking for a New Dangerously Fun MMO

On Danger Blog

First, all logos, titles, game names, ect. are the copyright of their respective companies. Now with that out of the way…

Welcome to my new series where I am trying to find a new Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMO) to play with my friends. I’m not a huge MMO player, but I’ve enjoyed a few during my video game career (Guild Wars 1 and 2 mostly). Why am I looking at MMO’s in particular? I think MMO’s are a suitable game category to select from because my friends tend to like them, we can easily play together, and, ideally, they have a lot of replay value and content. Also, I thought it would be enjoyable to examine some games in one of the most popular PC game categories ever made. I am not entirely sure what my criteria for comparing the games is yet, but in general I would like to play something that is at least moderately visually appealing, has a fun and fairly fast paced battle system, provides something beyond generic ‘fetch quests’ (i.e. get 10 of these, run this here, kill 10 of these, ect.), and has fun and somewhat meaningful (a loaded word, I know) content after reaching the highest level (often called ‘end game content’). A game being free to play (F2P) might be a plus, but it is not a requirement.

My first entry in to current MMO’s is CCP Game’s EVE Online, first released in May 2003. The last update was called EVE Rubicon, released in November 2013. The game came strongly recommended by one of my friends because it offers a unique and almost totally player controlled environment that one cannot find in any other MMO. He also agreed to guide me through the game during my one month free trial. I sense that many people would say EVE is a terrible place to start investigating MMO’s, with many forum posts I have seen (and some friends of mine) calling it overly complicated, unforgiving, unfocused, and/or just plain boring. I often saw the phrase ‘the spreadsheet MMO’ being used to describe this game. But, I dug the space vibe of the game, and my friend was excited about the prospect of us playing together, so I figured I would give it a shot.

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